Thursday, June 28, 2012

Time to Think

One aspect of the simplicity of tenkara is that it gives you more time to think.  Less gear means more time to tune into the alpine aquatic world around you.  Less does indeed mean more.  I realized this once again while picking apart pocket water on the East Fork of the Cimarron River in southwest Colorado, scouting some water I'll guide clients on in early July.  Quality time spent on streamside inspections of adult Yellow Sallies squirming their way from under round stones.  Spending mesmerized moments with stonefly shucks on wet boulders.  This tri-forked river is alive with stoneflies, and I'm darned lucky to be here. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Somebody Left the Oven On!

I went out with Eric and Levi Lynn yesterday, sharing a little canyon with them.  Levi caught his first trout on a tenkara rod!  I cannot remember a hotter day up there (who left the oven on?), but it sure didn't slow down the fishing!  The name of the game was terrestrials.  It's a whole lot of fun to watch feisty browns smash hoppers, beetles, and spiders.  The best fly for me was a black foam beetle, tied up for me by Karl Klavon, a friend who lives in Fresno, California.  Thanks for the bugs, Karl!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Canyons

Here's a short video I shot last week with Patrick Smith.  Patrick is the founder and former owner of Mountainsmith, one of the original Colorado outdoor gear companies.  Patrick now owns Kifaru, International, based in Wheatridge, Colorado.  He and I have had many adventures together in the backcountry over the years.  Recently, I introduced him to tenkara and he's never been the same since! 

Friday, June 1, 2012

The Heart and Soul of Tenkara in Colorado

Over the Memorial Day weekend I was fortunate enough to spend three days hanging out at RIGS Fly Shop and Guide Service in Ridgway.  I had a chance to meet Tim Patterson, owner of RIGS, and Matt McCannel, RIGS head fly guide.  We will be offering guided tenkara trips for the first time ever in Colorado, and Tim, Matt, and I are the first three certified tenkara guides in the state.  These are exciting times for tenkara in Colorado!  We were joined by Daniel Galhardo, founder of Tenkara USA, and the one man responsible for bringing tenkara to the west in modern times.  We were able to take Daniel and his wife out to a tiny stream and really show them the beauty of southwestern Colorado.  I brought along my good friend, Eric Lynn, owner of Mountain Ridge Gear, and the group had a simply fantastic time!  For more info on guided tenkara trips in the southwestern Colorado Rockies, visit us at RIGS Fly Shop and Guide Service!

Eric Lynn, Matt McCannel, Me, Tim Patterson, Daniel Galhardo.
(Photo courtesy of Daniel Galhardo)