Sunday, September 8, 2013

Coming Home


Coming home.  A good feeling and one I’ll be writing about soon.  After a two full months of living in my boss’s attic and guiding tenkara fly fishing trips for RIGS Fly Shop and Guide Service in Ridgway, Colorado, I’m finally back at my home in the foothills north of CaƱon City.  Back within minutes of Bighorn Sheep Canyon or any number of smaller semi-arid cracks in the Earth that hold those familiar browns.  The two things I missed the most over the summer…my family and those canyons.

I have a lot of writing to do now, and much to write about.  I’m sure it’s enough writing to take me right up to Christmas, with some pauses for elk hunting in October and November, and my annual early October Surf ‘N Turf Weekend with the usual suspects, deep in Front Range wilderness.  It's writing I didn’t have time to do all summer, but there’s a time and season for everything.

So, for now it’s back to the keyboard, canyons, and taking what I learned and discovered over the summer and giving it to you here.  My backcountry tenkara experience continues to stack up, and I have quite a bit to share.  Stay tuned for links to the tenkara blog on RIGS’ website, where I have several posts to make about innovative products the RIGS team has developed.  Stay tuned for a trip report from the 2013 Surf ‘N Turf Weekend coming up the first weekend in October.  In a nutshell, STAY TUNED!