Monday, February 20, 2012

Emberlit UL Camp Stove Review

This blog really has two components that compliment each other. Tenkara fly fishing and ultralight backpacking. They have much in common. Some of the things I’ll do from time to time is showcase ultra light backpacking and fly fishing trips I take, explain low-impact minimalist camping techniques, and review pieces of gear that catch my eye.

I’ve often wished for an ultralight wood stove that I could use OUTSIDE my shelter. I already own several Kifaru wood stoves specially designed to burn INSIDE my shelters. However, having one I can assemble in a flash trailside was something missing in my pack. Enter the Emberlit-UL camp stove.

Emberlit UL Camp Stove
 Emberlit-UL Camp Stove
Weight:  Stove:  5.45 oz.; pouch:  1.05 oz; Material:  Titanium
Price:  Stove:  $55.00; stainless steel small pot supports (titanium were backordered):  $5.50; plus shipping.
Customer Service:  Excellent (fast shipping)
Overall Rating:  Excellent

There are a number of lightweight woodburning stoves on the market. However, finding one that feeds from the side and folds completely flat was something I was looking for. Emberlit has a very innovative stove, and during a recent weekend of backcountry skiing and winter camping I was able to test my new stove.

The stove comes in five pieces, plus an optional support for smaller pots. It all fits in a small pouch, constructed of rubberized nylon.

The thing I really love about this stove is the ability to feed it from the side, making it possible to slide long sticks into it.

The stove is very strong. I’ve heard about folks putting a dutch oven full of water on top of one. I have the titanium model, but it’s still strong enough to support the same weight. My little Snow Peak Trek 700 pot full of snow didn’t weigh much!

All in all, this little stove has a permanent place in my pack. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome during my initial test. Ultralight weight, compact, efficient, minimal ash output, great workmanship, and a simple minimalist design. A winner!


  1. Cool stove. I like the side door. It looks like a better design than the titanium Vargo.

  2. I just received a Vargo, and will be testing it this coming weekend.

  3. Good one...I too like its side door concept. And the material used (titanium) ensures its durability...:)
    All in all a nice Camp Stove.

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  5. Hi Paul, nice pictures and great review. The Emberlit looks like a great stove. If you have a min, come check out our stove at It features a secondary combustion which helps it burn cleaner. If you're interested in doing up a review on your site, send me an email at

  6. Like the stove, good review too. Does it throw off a lot of warmth? I see there was snow around. Can you build a fire large enough within the confines of the stove to keep you warm?

  7. It does produce some radiant heat off the sides of the stove, but it's not what I would consider a heating appliance. Most of the heat is directed upwards. It's a cooker. It could be used to warm your hands in a pinch.

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