Monday, December 30, 2013

Tenkara Magazine is LIVE!

“Slipping my wading boot into the crystal clear, calm water of the pool, I know I am exactly where I want to be.  I have a collapsed twelve-foot tenkara rod in my right hand, a pack on my back, and a day full of possibilities…”

Paul Vertrees
“A Homecoming”
Tenkara Magazine, Volume 1

Although I’m no Kirk Deeter, I do know a good fly fishing magazine when I read one.  Enter Tenkara Magazine, Volume One. 

I know, I know…I’m biased.  Several months ago Tenkara USA founder and magazine creator Daniel Galhardo asked me to write a couple of articles for his then work-in-progress.  After hammering them out, they were sent to Tenkara Magazine editor Anthony Naples, and I began the long wait for the magazine to go to press.

At the time my articles were written, I had no idea who my fellow writers were or what sort of pieces they would submit for publication.  I had some pretty good guesses on who might have been asked to write, but nothing more.

In late November my copy of the magazine arrived!  I was humbled to join the ranks of Daniel Galhardo, Anthony Naples, Dave Dirks, Jason Klass, Rob Worthing, John Vetterli, Kirby Wilson, and others.   I feel very much a rank amateur compared to the rest of these folks. 

Many of the contributing writers and artists are friends and acquaintances, and it was especially good to read their articles and see their craftsmanship.  My magazine arrived on a Wednesday, and I spent the next two days reading it cover to cover.

If you really want to get your finger on the pulse of modern tenkara, get a copy of  Tenkara Magazine!  It covers a wide range of how-to's, tenkara experiences, destinations (both American and beyond), and writing styles.  Many thanks go out to Daniel, Anthony, and the rest of the team who put this project together.  I’m looking forward to what Volume 2 will bring! 

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  1. This has been my best read in months if not in years! And believe me I have never liked reading any magazines! I am eager to have vol. 2 in hands.